Our DNA? Over a century of in-house water management expertise

Anybody can rent a 6” pump, including us. But what sets us apart is our unrivaled ability to solve the biggest, most complex water challenges in the world. Whether you require fast-track temporary emergency response or reliable, cost-effective long-term operation, the breadth of our fleet and the depth of our expertise helps you get your work done with greater efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

6 Ways We Make Your Job Easier

  1. Biggest portfolio: Xylem owns an unrivaled and expanding family of pump and ancillary brands including Godwin, Flygt, Goulds Water Technology, Wedeco, Leopold, Sanitaire, Bell & Gossett, AC Fire, and YSI.

  2. Made in house: we design and manufacture all our own equipment, and that technological authority lets us customize and optimize our rental solutions.

  3. Dialed in: Because our rental fleet has the broadest range of sizes and configurations, we can engineer the right-sized solution to save you money.

  4. Only Xylem: We rent specialty products and systems that are not available from other companies.

  5. Experts in the field: From the basic to the complex, we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of all sizes and types of water management solutions.

  6. Deep roots: customers have depended on our expertise for almost a century, and solving complex water challenges is part of our DNA.

Industries & Applications

Pulp & Paper 
Water is crucial to pulp and paper manufacturing, which is why the industrial experts at Xylem Rental Solutions can help you optimize each aspect of the water cycle to reduce costs, better protect the environment and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

Whether you’re tunneling for utilities or transportation projects, Xylem Rental Solutions can help you manage the surface, ground, and storm water at your site. With our broad range of reliable products and responsive field service teams, we bring greater efficiency and peace of mind to any project, including slurry pumping, emergency floodwater drainage, face and stage dewatering, jetting, wellpoint dewatering, and mud recycling.

From open pit and underground, to face and stage dewatering, to slurry tailings removal to camp and process water supply, Xylem Rental Solutions provides the integrated next-generation water management solutions you need to transport, treat and test water – and then helps you put it together in ways that achieve the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Coal Ash 
Managing the water in and around a coal ash pond requires more than just pumps, which is why the country’s biggest power utilities choose to partner with Xylem. Having successfully supported hundreds of coal ash remediation projects, we know how to design and deploy trouble-free solutions capable of controlling both cost and risk – providing you with the best possible outcome for coal ash water management.

Sewer Bypass
Our proven sewer bypass expertise is always on-call. With the breadth of our technology and the depth of our knowledge, we can help you solve even the biggest, most complex sewer bypass challenges – 24/7/365. Our engineering and field teams have completed thousands of both planned and emergency sewer bypass projects, and we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining trouble-free systems that save our customers time and money.

Temporary Fire Protection
A lot of companies sell fire protection pumps, but to help you ensure continuity and compliance, only Xylem designs, builds, sells and rents a seamless, reliable solution. With over 40 years of temporary fire protection expertise, the fire protection experts at Xylem understand how complex and critical a facility’s fire protection system is, and we can engineer a complete trouble-free temporary pumping solution that integrates with any existing system.

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Next-gen automation and control solutions

If you’re looking for ways to better utilize intelligent systems and unlock the valuable data from your assets, our automation & control experts in the water and wastewater treatment industry have put together a helpful, forward-thinking white paper that highlights the best approaches a utility can take to access the full power of their data for short- and long-term decision making.

Because we design and manufacture the solutions we sell or rent, our technological expertise lets us customize and optimize our systems. And with the broadest range of sizes and configurations in the water and wastewater industry, we can engineer a tailored right-sized solution that saves you both time and money.


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