Why rely on Goulds Water Technology to solve residential wastewater?

Not only have we been a trusted brand delivering quality products and outstanding support for more than 170 years, we also provide:

Superior Seal Strength

Our effluent and sewage pumps use a silicon carbide seal, which has more tensile strength and a higher temperature range than the generic carbon ceramic seal that our competitors use.


Made in the USA Products

We produce a complete line of wastewater pumps and accessories, all engineered, assembled and tested in the United States.


A Wide Range of Horsepower

Installers never have to worry about finding the perfect pump, thanks to the full range of wastewater options from Goulds Water Technology.


Support to More Than 6,000 Loyal Independents

We only sell through professional independent dealers, while our competitors sell through retail or big box stores.


Member Rewards Through the GPDA

We provide an assortment of opportunities to earn rewards, increase referrals and access specialized training through our Gould’s Professional Dealers Association.


A Broad Range of Products

We design and manufacture an extensive assortment of wastewater products to meet all of an installer’s needs. What’s more, each of those products includes a wide breadth of line.

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DEDICATED to training wastewater industry professionals:

COMMITTED to solving your wastewater challenges

Whether a Goulds Water Technology tried and true pump or a more recent addition enhanced with the latest technological advancements, we have the portfolio to deliver the entire wastewater package. Add in a dedicated wastewater team to stand with you every step of the way, and success is yours for the taking. Read more:

The Goulds Water Technology portfolio continues to expand!

Take a look at some recent additions to our wastewater capabilities

Partnership Solved

A strong network of independent dealers and distributors is the backbone of our industry. Goulds Water Technology proudly lives our commitment to independents every day, with benefits such as the Goulds Professional Dealers Association – empowering you to earn rewards, increase referrals, access specialized training and grow your business.

DEVOTED to solving water

  • 844 million people lack access to clean water in America and worldwide
  • 443 million school days are lost to water-related illness
  • 361,000 children under 5 die from diarrheal diseases every year
  • 90% of natural disasters are water related

We take our role as leaders in water and fluid management seriously and are committed to finding solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges.

See how our team and customers impacted residents in Candler, North Carolina during a recent Watermark project.

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