Upgrade your existing ozone system with ease

With easy 1:1 replacement, Wedeco is bringing the latest electrode technology to ozone systems installed between 1995 and 2014.  Effizon GC electrodes offer improved heat transfer performance and exceptional protection against electrode short circuiting thus giving you the ability to maximize ozone production with little or no maintenance.

The Effizon GC electrode is the latest electrode technology from Wedeco.  It features a glass core consisting of high strength borosilicate glass and stainless steel mesh, which helps protect your ozone system and reduces risk due to equipment failure.  It enables the ozone system to achieve a level of reliability that is unattainable with most other electrode technologies. The distinctive feature of this electrode is its unique double discharge gap. Ozone is formed on both sides of the dielectric, therefore, lowering the applied specific energy and increasing ozone production.

Effizon GC electrode

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Maximize ozone production with Intelligent Electrode Protection

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