DryPit Z install

Flygt N-Pumps, the industry standard for handling sludge and wastewater, are the perfect solution for drypit horizontal flood proof installations. We asked hundreds of users what you wanted (and didn’t want) in a dry-installed pump. The result: quick and easy maintenance with stainless steel roll-back service cart, easy access with a patented telescopic opening and a better working environment with a drainage port that empties the pump housing before you begin work. By going horizontal, you get better suction, cleaner wet wells, rigid installation and a safer working environment.

Put more than 60 years of pumping experience to work in your drypit installation.

The most highly developed pumps continue to evolve

Flygt Dry Pit BrochureTo find out more about the complete offering of Xylem’s Flygt products for drypit installation, please fill out the form at right to download our brochure and view our video. In addition, your local Flygt representative will contact you within 24 business hours to evaluate your needs and supply a quote for the recommended equipment for your application.