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Trade-in any water quality system (meter, probe and cable), whether it's a YSI or other brand, and receive a great discount on a shiny new YSI Pro Series meter. Limited to the U.S. only.

Simply fill out the form indicating you're interested in the program. We'll contact you with the particulars and give you $200 off any Pro Series meter and $250 off a YSI Professional Plus meter.

Pro Series Trade-In 

Professional Series Trade-In Promotion

Pro10 - pH or ORP and temperature, visit

Pro20 - dissolved oxygen, BOD and temperature, visit

Pro30 - conductivity, salinity, specific conductance, TDS and temperature, visit

Pro1020 - pH or ORP, dissolved oxygen and temperature, visit

Pro1030 - pH or ORP, conductivity and temperature, visit

Pro2030 - conductivity, salinity, specific conductance, TDS, dissolved oxygen and temperature, visit

ProODO - optical dissolved oxygen, BOD and temperature, visit

Professional Plus - dissolved oxygen, BOD, conductivity, TDS, salinity, specific conductance, nitrate, ammonium/ammonia, chloride, pH, ORP, barometer and temperature, visit


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