Goulds Water Technology helps you handle the challenges of stringy, large and clogging solids…with tough new pumps.

Four new pumps. More than 165 reasons to believe.

These new residential wastewater pumps devour solids and fibers and resist clogging. They’re built tough. Rigorously tested. And thoroughly proven to deliver the reliability Goulds Water Technology has brought to residential water for more than 165 years.

GSP Cast Iron Sump and Effluent Pump

Enjoy iron-clad performance with this durable pump, featuring the industry’s most reliable switch and non-clogging vortex design.

GWT Vortex Submersible Sewage Pump

Take reliability for a spin with the vortex pump that’s built tougher, performs better and runs longer…with options from ½ to 2 HP.


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With our full range of products and outstanding support, we have your residential wastewater needs covered. But it doesn’t end there. See at a glance how Goulds Water Technology delivers.

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