2017 Software Is Released

Dear HYPACK User,

We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest HYPACK software, HYPACK® 2017. HYPACK® 2017 represents a year of improvements to our previous version and includes many powerful enhancements and cutting edge tools. Many of the changes in HYPACK come from customer’s requests or suggestions so we appreciate all your feedback throughout the year. We are very excited about this new version!


View the presentation and videos options below to learn more about HYPACK® 2017:
Who can use HYPACK® 2017?
If you are current on your Maintenance Plan subscription, you can download and run HYPACK® 2017. The new version is about 1 GByte, so please ensure the entire file is downloaded prior to installing the software. To check your Maintenance Plan status or to renew it, please email us at mp@hypack.com.

Hypack 2017

Follow the instructions below.

Instructions to Download HYPACK® 2017
To download the latest version please visit our website at http://Support.Hypack.com/Support and navigate to the DOWNLOADS - HYPACK 2017 section where you will find the download page.

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HYPACK® 2017 Installation CD Request
HYPACK will not be sending out HYPACK® 2017 Release CDs. However, if you would like us to send you one please fill out the HYPACK 2017 CD request form below. You must be current on your maintenance plan to receive a HYPACK® 2017 CD. To check your Maintenance Plan status or to renew it, please email us at mp@hypack.com.

1. Fill out the CD Request Form online and we will mail you a CD via USMail.

If you need any assistance with HYPACK @2017, please contact our support team at help@hypack.com or call us at +1(860) 635-1500.

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