Images from our feature story Continuous Data Keeps Brazilian Ports’ Business Flowing

Monitoring our Oceans & Coasts in Times of Change

Thank you researchers, scientists and water management professionals for keeping coastal communities, economies and ecosystems healthy.

WELCOME to our latest Oceans & Coasts update. In this edition we have some exciting new product developments, improved ways of taking measurements, training and more!

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Continuous Data Keeps Brazilian Ports Business Flowing

Continuous Data Keeps Brazilian Ports’ Business Flowing

Good planning and a solutions-based approach helps water monitoring professionals cross the hurdles of managing a bustling, high traffic port. Learn how Xylem Analytics instruments work together to monitor harbor traffic in Rio de Janeiro.   



Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Sensors

Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Buoys

NEW! The MOTUS Wave Buoys are here and powered by the Aanderaa MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor. Its compact, low-power design accurately measures multi-spectrum directional waves from standard hydrography and navigation buoys.



Taking Nova-65 to the EXTREME!

Tideland Marine Navigation Lantern Put to the Ultimate Test

How tough, rugged and durable is the Nova-65 marine navigation lantern? That was precisely the question on the minds of the top-notch EXTREME testing experts at Tideland Signal, who baked, dropped, froze and even shot their Nova-65! You have to see it to believe it here...



CTD Answers Speed-of-Sound Questions in Malaysia

CastAway-CTD Answers Speed-of-Sound Questions in Malaysia Reservoir Project

Salt water intrusion became a problem – now project managers have the data they need to take action.



Exploring HYPACK Sub-bottom Profiling Software

Beneath the Seafloor: Exploring HYPACK® Sub-bottom Profiling Software

If you’re looking to collect and process sub-bottom profiling data, this one-hour, information-packed online event is for you. Watch at your convenience here!



EXO3 - The right Sonde at the right price!

EXO3: The Right Sonde at the Right Price!

Combining affordability and flexibility, EXO3 is a welcome addition to the EXO Sonde family. Visit or check out the specification sheet for more details on this best-in-class sonde.



Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Have a complex project coming up and looking for some advice you can act on quickly (and within budget?) Meet with our pros and take advantage of our decades of experience - AND a free one-hour environmental monitoring consultation ($175 USD value).



Financing Options

YSI Financing (US/CA Only)

New technology for every budget! The Xylem Analytics family now offers financing options to keep your team equipped with the best instruments, even on a tight budget. Click to learn more about financing your next project.