Xylem Analytics @ Analytica 2016

Once again, Xylem is proud to present its analytical offering at this year's Analytica being held in Munich, March 10 - 13, 2016.   

Xylem will feature its key analytical brands showcasing a number of new products and techniques at this years show.

HALL A1 Booth 302

Free and connected – IDS goes wireless

No cables, full flexibility, space saving, but absolutely secure data transmission.

WTW’s latest range of IDS laboratory and handheld meters is now compatible with the new IDS electrode portfolio that includes pH, ORP & Conductivity electrodes incorporating wireless technology making measurement in the laboratory or field far more convenient. 

Depending on the meter, up to three parameters can be measured and stored simultaneously. With state-of-the art power saving technology for long operation times and a transmission range of up to 10 metres, applications in the laboratory, factory or even in the field are easily solved.

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Optical reagent-free measurement of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite

With the new spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS important waste water parameters of sewage plants can be measured directly, without the need of reagents or test kits using the optical reagent-free measurement techniques (OptRF) already proven by spectral sensors used in the renowned IQ Sensor Net.

By adopting OptRF, reduction of overall costs for reagents, in particular high concern substances such as potassium dichromate. photoLab 7000 Series instruments have more than 230 programs for routine analysis as well as comprehensive programming options for user-defined measurements. The enhanced color measurement option from water to QC in food, beverage other production areas makes the new photoLab® 7000 series even more universal than ever. 

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TitroLine® 7800 -The universal titrator with IDSR technology

The TitroLine® 7800 builds on the attributes of the TitroLine® 7750 by adding the benefits of IDS® Technology that stores and transfers critical electrode information between the sensor and the instrument, thereby allowing the TitroLine® 7800 perform potentiometric titrations with analogue or IDS® electrodes up to volumetric Karl Fischer titrations without the need for manual input of data.

The IDS® measuring input is multi-functional. Digital sensors for the determination of pH, ORP, conductivity and even dissolved oxygen can be connected. IDS® , or “Intelligent, Digital Sensors”, convert an analogue signal to digital so that the signal is protected from external interferences such as moisture, electro-magnetic fields or pulses. 

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Latest high precision touchscreen instruments

The newly launched RFM-T Series refractometers are the perfect partner to the ADP600 series of Peltier temperature controlled multiple wavelength polarimeters as they incorporate the same touchscreen display and menu structure, making the new instruments the perfect choice for busy laboratories wanting to measure high precision concentration and purity of optically active samples.

The RFM900-T series offer high precision refractive index measurement up to 1.70 RI and having Kalrez® gasket materials are ideally suited for aggressive aromatic and petrochemical samples.  RFM300-T Series instruments augment RFM300+ refractometers that have become synonymous with reliable readings in harsh factory environments and also by offering reading precision to 3 decimal places in °Brix.

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Transport and storage monitoring as simple as it gets

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of sensitive samples such as human tissue, organic chemicals and even foodstuff during transport is crucial if the product is to arrive in a safe and usable manner and EBI 300 USB data loggers satisfy this need by constantly monitoring and recording data. Dependent on the sample a type and whether the logger is likely to returned, a choice can be made between the low-cost EBI 330 single use version or the higher performance EBI 300/310 reusable model.

All EBI 300 series loggers are easily configured using its integral USB via www.ebi300.com or by special Windows software.  Data is retrieved on secure PDF by simply plugging the logger in to a PC.

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Analysis of up to 6 analytes - results in less than a minute!

YSI’s 2900 Series biochemistry analysers have become the gold standard in enzyme electrode metrology.  Used for critical bioprocess monitoring & fermentation control, biofuel production & research, food & beverage processing and clinical blood chemistry; the 2900 Series offers accurate measurement of up to 6 analytes including glucose, lactate, glutamine, ammonium outputing 2 results in less than a minute.

New to Analytica is the 2900M On-line Monitoring & Control System featuring the Sitini pump unit and 2960 sampler.  This aseptic system is an ideal solution for efficient monitoring and control of bioreactors as lines are flushed and stored with antiseptic in the lines in order to minimize any risk of contamination.

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High Performance Technology for accurate, reliable VOC Analysis

Built on industry leading technology of our popular purge-and-trap systems, the new Eclipse 4760 Purge-and-trap Sample Concentrator features an intuitive user interface, updated slim line design and engineering enhancements that set a new standard in ease-of-use for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis.

OI Analytical will also feature the new 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric GC Detector for superior sensitivity and increased selectivity of sulfur and phosphorus analysis, the Flow Solution™ 3700  continuous flow analyser for automating wet chemistries, and the 9210p Online TOC analyser for real-time monitoring of process water streams.  

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